Saturday, August 28, 2010

In the name of the genius i eva met..!

nihilist?non-conformist?psyche slayer?,i sincerely wish english was a language rich enuf to provide me with a word which cud properly sum up this enchanter of the mind.. there are only a few quirks of fate,wen god made one so intellectual,quirky yet level-headed ,refreshing,lively yet morbid,nihilistic yet understanding,simple yet so deep,beautiful yet humble..nd SHORT!!(sorry cudnt find a yet for tat)..a true angeldaemon if i never i knew one...conversing with him is proof tat i have an I.Q slightly higher than a chimp..coz he exercises it so much...the onli problem is tat he doesnt get enuf praise for his stellar persona(i intend on changin tat).tho reserved in sme issues.A true pleasure to be with( virtually nd im sure physically) his take on various thoughts are so insightful tat its scary,in a good way, very thought provoking being he is..tho he should be more open to others who he trusts,he is as close to perfect as it gets, jus remember not everyone means ill..Cranial oxidation.. cerebral rust!

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