Friday, April 17, 2009

Am sad like an unfinished story..!

Am sad...sad like butterflies pinned to a cardboard box..sad like a book with torn pages..sad like ocean shores empty of bathers..This trauma is colder than life..But then where would it end..! This rupture brought by your knife of loving sins...precocious with life..., Yet so internally lost within..your hate seeps eternally on a akin veil of skin..Where would i go with all these yet to live alone..! through a verdant forest i wander aimlessly...Once i had so many by my side..but now i feel them linger elsewhere...well am listening to the pitter patter of the rain..alone in the middle of my way..My o"l heart begins to feel the pain..Of missing you with all my might..! But nobody eben my shadow is there to share my ecstasy of pain..! standing out in the rain alone..trying to wash away all the pain...drowning in the sorrows of yester years.. hiding from my night mares and fears..the rain just gets harder and harder..!


  1. very nice blog......may happy surprises happen in each n evry moment n ur life......may the life happens to be a vast beach..,where u like to walk......may the fears get faded in the rain when it becomes harder n harder.....

  2. amazing usage of words arya....your words just seem to go in deeper and even deeper to touch the soul....words as good as emotions...truly amazing...