Thursday, March 19, 2009

After Publishing My Thoughts

As i feared nobody came and beat me up after reading my first post..i dunt knw whether it is because people didnt read it or just cause they simply liked it or may be they didnt understand anything..but if you were ask me..i will definitely go with the second option..yea, i know sounds selfish..cant help it..!
If people cant value the emerald(i just love am not supporting that go green campaign..) in this second post..i didnt wanna go all philosophical n all( you guessed it right..) it is undoubtedly cause of those warnings i got from those few who read my first post. One thing is there that me writing a blog, phew..cant let that feeling sink in that easy..! Call it humility but i will call it accepetance of the truth..!
I told i started my blog in a really low moment, but am happy to let you all know that am in full form you cant expect all that remembernce of renumeration and all from me today..!
Writing actually makes you feel "good", if you understand what i am doing something better than chatting in orkut or facebook..! Am sure that if they didnt beat me up for my first post..they "l defintiley beat the hell out of me for criticising the best social network in the world( or should i say a matrimonial site ). you cant blame me for that thought taking to consideration the fact that my class mate is busy planning her future with the guy she met in orkut say what two weeks before..!
Stand up ovation for Orkut..!

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